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Some quotes from our satisfied clients.

Doctors all agree that improved fitness levels contribute to a faster and better recovery from illness or surgery.

Quotes from Clients

“With Garry’s consultation, expertise and commitment to maintain my training programme, my knee fully repaired, and I went on to spend time in the Alps & high Arctic without any sign of a relapse.  Skiing across the Alps and dragging sledges in the Arctic two months later, and my knee was still in good health.  A great testament  to Garry and his team at the clinic.  They ensured that not only was the injury repaired, but I could carry on working and doing my job”

Alan Chambers MBE


After a bad fall, which damaged four spinal discs, Mrs Perry suffered pain for two years.  She then consulted Garry, who treated her.  “Garry examined me carefully, then gave me dry needle treatment, gentle spinal manipulation, other therapies, and an exercise programme.  - It has worked wonderfully well - I can now move much more easily now, with much less pain.”

Mrs Beverly Perry


Veronik Willard was facing a knee operation, when a friend told her about Drove House.  “I was dreading an operation, with nothing to lose, I consulted Garry Toms, who treated my knee with a combination of electrical massage and heat. - A week later, I was back at work with no pain, no limp, and no more problems.”  Veronik recommended Drove House to relatives in France, who came over for treatment with Garry.  He was able to cure painful ankle and other joint problems with combinations of exercise routines, and orthotic shoe inserts.

Veronik Willard


Keen sportsman Peter had ten knee operations, and went to Garry Toms for pre and post op exercise regimes.  “It is well recognised that people who maintain a good state of general fitness will suffer less, and recover faster from surgery... I have regained over 115 degrees of flexion in my knees, which is entirely down to pre- and post operative therapy and exercise”

Peter Soord


After a bad motorbike accident, and convalescence, Mark was left badly disabled. “I had heard of Drove House, so although I was still on crutches and could hardly walk, I consulted Garry Toms...  He began with physiotherapy, then worked on a rehabilitation programme to get me back on my feet as soon as possible.”  Mark has regained 75% fitness, despite bad injuries.  “I would recommend Drove House to anyone, whether they just want to keep fit, or whether they have to struggle back from a serious injury, as I did.”

Mark Baker


Despite spinal surgery following a herniated disc, Duncan still suffered with degenerative disc disease, causing chronic back pain and sciatic leg pain.  “I tired all sorts of physiotherapy, chiropractors etc., nothing worked until I tried Garry Toms’ treatments.  Within weeks, his combination of treatments had cured the sciatic leg pain.  I followed with a rehabilitation exercise programme.  Back pain is much reduced, and I can get on with my life.”

Duncan MacGregor


To prepare for a NSPCC Tanzania Trek charity event (climbing Kilimanjaro then a 15 day marathon trek), Mr Mason consulted Garry Toms.  “Garry’s exercise programme made me feel much fitter, and well able to meet the challenge ahead.  I completed the trek, without suffering from muscle strain or cramp.”

Mr Mason


A stifled violent sneeze left Ken’s back in muscle spasm, causing severe pain.  Ken came to Garry Toms for dry needle treatment, electrotherapy, deep heat and massage treatments.  “ Because the treatment began without delay, the cure was rapid, avoiding the risk of other muscles being pulled out of place to support the injury...  Going to Drove House is much more effective than going to casualty, and possibly waiting weeks for physiotherapy.  I’d recommend them every time.”

Ken Fisher


At 75 years of age, Lesley likes to keep fit.  “I don’t want to laze around watching TV.  It’s really important to keep the body active, especially as you get older.  It keeps the hips and knees flexible and keeps the waist trim.. I like the social contact (at Drove House) too, meeting other people and chatting as we use the machines.”

Lesley Hawthorne


Having to wait a year for a total knee joint replacement, John says “I wanted the operation to be as successful as possible, so I went to see Garry Toms.. He devised an exercise programme for me, to keep my upper body supple and strengthen my legs.  After the op, Garry help disperse the scar tissue, and devised a new exercise programme to speed recovery”

John Young